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What exactly this program teaches?

Why listen to me?

 To be honest, I’m doing affiliate marketing for this program “The Amazing you”, So if you buy this program from my link from this website, I’ll earn a few percentages without costing any extra dollar to you.

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I’m not here to tell “how this program will Make you to Buy a Yacht or Lambo, or MAGIC SECRET “Forever Happiness” so that I will earn money like most of the people are doing. (to be honest, on the web, you will find tons of people are trying to sell this product, by throwing some fake reviews and BS just to promote it to people like you, and I’m sick of it.)

So this is what i call a Dead Ass review…let’s see.

"The Amazing you" Review Summary

Product Name: The amazing you

Founder: Marion Neubronner

Product type: Personal Development ebook and Audio-based program
Price: $39 
Best For: Anyone who is serious to be Wealthy, to have good health.
Summary: It is a self-improvement program in which you will learn “how to achieve anything in life using 3-step Neuro-remapping of your brain. you will get soundscape (audios), which will help to tap into theta state of your brain.
 It may be sounds scammy but you will get it in a moment.
for Now, I’m interested to learn about Course creator so I jumped into LinkedIn to learn about her, here what I found.


She completed her Masters in Human Development and Psychology in Harvard University, and became CEO of NeuEducation in 2004 ( NeuEducation provides research, customized training workshops, coaching, facilitation and consulting for

A) Leadership
B) Personal and group coaching
C) Customized online leadership training courses for in-house use
D) Facilitation for Leadership Retreats and Strategy Meetings)

She is the Assistant Director of the National University of Singapore.

All this information about her, tells me that-She is qualified to 
teach about this thing, and She knows what she is doing.

Let’s get back to review.
This course will be helpful for you,
1. If you are not making enough money, and want to earn more.
2. Your relationship with your spouse sucks and you want to be in a
relationship that deeply fulfills you.

3. If you don’t like the body shape you are in and you want to change it.

I know, it sounds over-promising ….As far as i know  that there is no such SINGLE seminar or program in the EARTH that will teach you how to be a multi-millionaire,be in happy relationship and quick body transformation. It’s totally out of the world outcome from a single program.

But if you realize that, the single most important thing to achieve anything in life, be it wealth, happiness, good health, is MINDSET.

Few months back, i got opportunity to read a book named “awaken the giant within” by tony Robbin. I assume that you know tony Robbins, A  great self help expert. 

The book reflects the importance of subconscious mind in higher success. As our body is the slave of our conscious brain, and conscious brain is act as a gate keeper for subconscious brain, which is responsible for our Behaviour and habits. 

But in “The amazing you” program, instructor has mentioned 3 steps to condition your brain to achieve success in all aspect of life.

Here I have mentioned Few highlights of the course “the amazing you” program. It will take 10 minutes to read. Click on the toggle, So that you can learn more about this topic.

The amazing you Key #1

What if I told you that you were either literally programmed for success?

Or programmed for failure?

(And that’s it’s not your fault!)

The truth is that we’re literally programmed to succeed at only a certain level… and not get any higher than that.

So let’s say you want an ‘A’ in a college exam… but you are unconsciously programmed to get a ‘C.’

You may think you missed the mark when you get a ‘C,’ but to your brain, it performed perfectly…

Because it was programmed to only do so well on that test.

So if you’ve ever felt like the deck was stacked against you… it is!

But all that can change when you know how to reprogram yourself.

Now, let me ask you this…

Are YOU… programmed for success…

Or programmed to achieve a lower level than you deserve?

I’ll help you see where you are in just 30 seconds from now…

The amazing You Key#2

Remember how I talked about Brain Programming earlier?

It turns out that there’s another area that’s just as important… but almost no one talks about it.

It’s called Brain Mapping.

Brain Mapping… or Neuro-Mapping, is how your brain moves messages from one area to another.

Inside our brain are thousands of roads and channels called neuropathways.

Think of these as wires… or highways… all sending messages throughout our brain.

If there are “traffic jams” or “broken pathways”… then things go wrong.

Have you ever forgotten where you left your keys?

And then when you found them, you remembered that you put them there?

That means the answer was in your head the whole time…

But it wasn’t mapped correctly to get you the answer.

It’s the same reason you can forget an important fact before an exam.

It’s also why when someone teases you… you think of a snappy comeback three hours later…

But not when you needed it!

Now that’s the simple stuff… but it can get much deeper than this.

There’s a part of your brain that knows how to be Super Charming…

Or how to get MOTIVATED to do just about anything!

There’s a part of the brain that gets you creative and lets you come up with great ideas…

And there’s a part of the brain that lets you make wild amounts of money.

The problem is that the mapping is just not right for most people.

This means that even if your brain is PROGRAMMED for the right target…

You STILL won’t have the success you want.

This brings us to… Key 3.

The Amazing you Key#3

In all the times I’ve trained CEO’s, Olympians, and Elite Military…

What I found was no one can succeed correctly, unless they have their brain working harmoniously and smoothly.

So I came up with what I call 3-Step Neuro-Remapping.

These are cognitive exercises that you can do instantly to begin changing the way your brain works…

How you think…

How you feel…

And how you perform.

3-Step Neuro-Remapping has been the key for so many people.

And it can turn you into whatever you want to be.

The 3 Steps are…

Replay… Rewrite… Reset.

Let’s say you’re trying to lose 15 pounds before your next high school reunion.

You’ve tried everything, and you can’t seem to make your waist move.

To make matters worse, you see your old high school classmates posting Instagram pictures, where they look amazing…

And showing off their high-level jobs and beautiful spouses.

You decide that this time, things are going to be different.

Your first step is to REPLAY.

Using a technique I’ll reveal in a moment, you get in a state of mind where you can see everything you have experienced about that problem.

You take note of how it makes you feel.

And you run through all the images and sensations that this topic brings up.

Next is REWRITE.

You decide what experience you want instead.

Using the technique I give you… you put a mental file together for what you want your body to look like…

Feel like…

You program your subconscious to be working 24 hours a day to achieve your goal…

Both in motivating you and increasing your metabolism.

And next is the most important part…


Here, you remap your brain’s structures…

And clear out your neuropathways and “brain clutter”…

So your mind, body, and spirit can easily achieve your target…

Where you’re looking and feeling beautiful.

For most people, visualization and goal setting doesn’t work.

Why? Because your brain is still mapped for getting the same outcome…

But when you hit the RESET button…

You shift all the channels in your brain’s chemistry…

So it becomes easy… natural… and fun to create whatever you want in life.

You can use REPLAY – REWRITE – RESET to make more money…

To make more friends…

You can use it to cure fears… wake up feeling full of energy… or anything else.

As long as you use these processes and in the order, I show you… you can achieve unbelievable results.

Now let me confess something…

When I said there were 3 Keys to Masterful Performance… I fibbed a little bit.

There’s actually a 4th I recently discovered.

For 95% of my career, I didn’t even know it existed.

But if you use the 4th Key…

It can be more powerful than all the other 3 Keys put together!

This is…

The Amazing you key#4

The brain-remapping technique I use has always been extremely powerful.

The exercises I give, and the 3-Step Process have worked out so many miracles for my clients.

But there was always one caveat that bothered me.

YOU had to do the work.

You have to sit with a journal and do the exercises. You had to take time out of your schedule.

And it is a million times worth it…

But a lot of people end up self-sabotaging and not doing the work.

It bothered me for decades how this would happen.

Because if someone wouldn’t do the work… how could I help them make the change?

The answer lies in a new technology that is totally shattering the world of self-development.

For many decades, we’ve known that the brain operates in different brainwave states.

Beta waves… Alpha waves… and Theta waves…

There’s Beta… which is our normal “everyday” state where we might be stressed, busy, or simply just watching TV.

You can sometimes feel this way in nature, but most of the time, it comes after a long meditation session

And then there’s…

Theta… our really deep state… where all the deep changes can happen.

The Theta state is what monks spend years… even decades trying to reach, through intense meditation.

It is the golden prize that allows you total control of your mind and body.

When I read about this, I realized that I was trying to do 99% of my transformational work…

While my clients were in a Beta State.

And it worked!

But it was very hard.

To try to change someone while in Beta State is like drilling through a block of ice.

You can do it, but it takes a lot of time and focus.

But trying to change someone in Theta State…

Is like Moving Through Water.

Again and again, I asked myself, “How can I get my clients into Theta state before doing my exercises?”

Then I heard about a brand-new science called Cymatics…

Also called Soundscapes…

Which allows anyone to get into Theta State… and in just minutes!

Scientists discovered that if you wear headphones…

And play a special recording get your Left Brain and Right Brain waves syncing together…

That you almost instantly reach that powerful Theta state.

So if you listen to Soundscapes while using 3-Step Neuro-Remapping…

Your growth and success become a million times easier… and so much more enjoyable.

So now, I want YOU to try both and see the wonderful results you get.

I’ve put together a special program…

Where you can both enjoy the 3-Step Neuro-Remapping Process…

AND the Soundscapes at the same time.

So you can enjoy blissful success in any area you choose.

Whether it’s getting a job promotion… (or making money completely job-free!)

I hope you have read the above 4 key element of the “The amazing you” program. If not, please take few time to read it and come back.

My Recommendation: If you are super serious about self-improvement, i would suggest to attain Tony Robbin’s program, But make sure you have deep pockets.

 So this program is the cheaper option.If you can spare %50- $100, than it’s better to bet in this program. It is risk free: which means if you are not satisfied with result, ask for 100% money back with in 60 days.

What are the learning materials it includes?


1. The amazing you: 21 Day Remapping Protocol ( Downloadable ebook contains Blueprints )
Here you will learn about:
The Self-Love Builder, YES wheel, Family Karma Cleaner, Identity Redesign, Addiction Dissolver
Confidence Creator, The Money Manifester, The Weight Reducer, The Romance Wonder

2.Soundscape Recordings

the amazing you soundscape-recordings review

3.Amazing you workbook.

4.3 power-packed Bonuses:
:Minimal effort, Maximum gain:- worth $47
Bonus#2:The Success Multiplier:- worth $47
Bonus#3: Ultimate Restoration Secret:- Worth $47



1. It is backed by scientific approach with evidence is available in Downloadable ebook, audio format.

3.Does not require medication. You might have seen in some program, they recommend for additional medication to ensure the success of their program. But “The Amazing you” don’t fall on that category.

4. Deeply Focused on the Psychological aspect and instructor herself a psychologist.

5.Money-Back Guarantee:
if you didn’t like or didn’t get any value, you can claim for 100% money back within 60 days.

6. Material and 3 Amazing books that help you through  the transformation journey.



immeasurable: As the result can’t be represented in numbers so you can’t measure the impact of the product in your life, so you can’t assure that the product really worked for you or not. 

May not work for everyone: the effect of the product is directly proportional to personality. If you are Skeptic and impatient, it may not work for you. If you have a patient and willing enough to see the result, it will work.

Uncertain: You can’t predict how long it will take to reflect results.

If you believe that you can be patient and willing to put effort to see the outcome you desired, then it will work for you.

Top Tips: if you are entering into the “the amazing you” program being skeptical, your mind will show you all the reasons, why this program sucks. in this way, it won’t work for you.

If you want to buy this program, consider going with the link below, so that I will get a few commission. LOL 

good luck.

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